Shaohui Liu

b1ueber2y at gmail dot com


Disclaimer: This page was written in March, 2019. Time walks its way.

Born in Beijing, China, I have always been a quite ordinary person. I love everything that is pure, including but not limited to sports, musics, arts, and computer science.

I love the sea. Having been living inland since my birth, I have always longed for the beach. I keep visiting the seaside and making sincere wishes there every year.

I became a super crazy fan of Liverpool Football Club (LFC) in 2005 very early in my childhood. Since then I have collected a number of LFC uniforms from "Carlsberg" to "Standard Chartered". This craziness fades gradually after Steven Gerrard's retirement. Now I still support them but I seldom stay up late in GMT+8 to watch live as before. I love Andrew Robertson and the current team.

I love playing a variety of sports. Also, I was ever obsessed at short-distance running, which I kept practicing myself throughout my secondary school. Interestingly, although I achieved significant improvement over myself, I was still unable to get myself into the final 8 in the yearly sports meet within my University. I ever broke my right arm badly in a soccer game right before my middle school entrance examination. This unexpectedly got me much respectful to Paul George and Aaron Ramsey later on.

My favorite singer is Jay Chou, whose songs accompanied me through a number of my tough times. The album I love the most is "The Eight Dimensions". I love all his songs and remember all the rhythms but sadly I am not a good singer at all. I also ever loved Owl City and Linkin Park, and recently I started to listen to G.E.M..

My favorite movie is Trainspotting, closely followed by Barry Lyndon and Coco. I enjoy watching movies much and my dream job was ever being a special effect artist. This seems to be more like a graphics-related topic, but I coincidentally got myself into the field of computer vision, which I also have great passion on. Actually these two topics are more and more related nowadays, and both of these intend to help the machine for either recreation or perception towards the world.

So here comes the question: Who am I? Now I would consider myself as a starting researcher willing to make tech contributions to the world. I keep reading, thinking and working hard every day, but I think sincerity makes me a truly human.