Shaohui Liu

b1ueber2y at gmail dot com


Disclaimer: This page was written in March, 2019. Time walks its way.

There might be an interesting question to be answered: Why blueberry? I could offer a million answers - all false. The truth is that I simply want to have something special.

It dates back to my freshman year in Tsinghua University when my friends and I, as a team named "Berry", won the 1st place in a simple programming competition within my University. Unexpectedly, I found my username in the contest, "blueberry", appeared to be an appealing name choice. In the midst of my tough times in Fall 2016, I made a somewhat childlish decision to change all my usernames in the social media. That is when most names got into "blueberry" or some of its variations. Because of the uniqueness constraint in some websites, at a somewhat strange moment the weird name "b1ueber2y" was brought to life.

Personally, I am strongly in favor of blueberry. The blueberry jam is always chosen whenever I have buffet breakfast, and blueberry pie is my favorite dessert. I'd like to list some figures which might help you know blueberry better. (The right two figures are from the web [1, 2].)